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360 photo booth in Qatar

Capture lasting memories with our 360 Photo Booth Rental in Qatar service. Ideal for events and people that offers a fun and unique experience.

A 360 photo booth is a slow motion 360 video booth that takes 120 frames per second through a rotating camera set-up. These booth rentals are great ways to entertain event guests with fun and trendy moving photography. You get phenomenal digital videos and photos that are easily shared with your friends via social media, mobile and email. 360 Photo Booth Rental in Qatar

Digital Video Rotating Camera Takes Photos From Every Angle!

Captivating Slow Motion or Normal Video Experience!

Send Your Shareable Video / Photo To Your Phone!

How we do it

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Grab some confetti and step onto your video booth rental platform!



We’ll give you a time count as the 360 slow motion video camera begins to capture a 5 second slow motion video clip.



After your video shoot, step off the rental platform and walk over to our kiosk. View and share your animated video experience instantly!

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