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As the World Cup tournament approaches, we’re turning our attention to the promotion ideas and marketing strategies that’ll help you deliver a winning football-themed campaign.

It is estimated that more than 1 million fan will visit Qatar during the tournament. All business in Qatar will find marketing ways to promote their businesses and will do their best. Don’t get behind. World Cup Qatar digital marketing 

World Cup Qatar digital marketing

Put your business on google maps

As a new visitor or a tourist and you are looking for a new place to eat, have coffee, or buy new item? What would you do? You google it yes? or even google map it, correct ? Then the best way it to make your business feasible, good rated and more over, promote it with paid ads to be on top of the list.

Advertising material with FIFA feel

Social media designs or banners or maybe brochures. There must be some product or services that can be promoted.

Photography for your best products

Why not have your products well shown with a beautiful creative photography theme ? We could even present it in a style of a team watching the match and enjoying your product.

World cup theme packaging design

Print new packaging with the theme of the biggest event in Qatar and the world. Let your customers take a creative photos for your packaging and fill the social media with your designs. Bags or food box or even coffee cups, ideas are unlimited.

Booth and kiosk design

Make a new design for your small catering booth or your big food truck. There should be something that shows you are a sport fan, yes ?

Any thing else we didn’t write here ?

Ideas are unlimited.
The point is: Don't Waste Your Chance