Learn the art of product photography in Qatar professionally

Learn the art of product photography in Qatar professionally

Professional product photography in Qatar is the main pillar for customers to judge the value and quality of your products.

The quality of your visual presentation is what determines the extent to which your customers trust your brand and are willing to buy your services or products.

However, investing in a professional photography studio can cost you a lot, so relying on the marketing company you are already cooperating with can be a great alternative.

Why is product photography in Qatar important?

In every work, many proposals must be put in front of you to choose what suits you from it. You may need to photograph your products professionally, but its pricing isn’t affordable for you. Here, you can either move away from this idea or look for a suitable company that offers you this service at prices within your budget.

But to make sure that choosing a product photography service is a good decision, you must first know how important this service is to your business.

Through our research into this matter, we found:

  1. A study of online shoppers looked at how important product photography was when making a purchase decision. Its results proved that more than 75% of shoppers considered product images to be highly influential in their decision to buy a product online or not.
  2. 22% of the reasons for returning products to electronic stores are due to the difference in the product from its image. we as marketers want to picture products perfectly. But we must always remember that photographing products accurately will save us a lot of money, time, and effort and make our customers always satisfied with what we offer.
  3. The cost for professional product photographers ranges from $ 60 to $ 150 an hour. Usually, this price is expensive, but if you have several products that you can group together, the price will drop.
  4. 76% of product photography is done on a white background, which means that you have the opportunity to use bright colors or modern prints to display your products attractively and interestingly.
  5. The visual content is shared more than 40 times compared to others. So if you want your product to grow and was sell well, image quality is key.

Types of product photography in Qatar for e-commerce

Product photos for eCommerce vary according to its purpose, which we will talk about as follows:

1) Product photos

Product photos are the images that express your products, they focus on the product details alone and nothing else. So, think carefully about how you photographing your product in a way that makes sure it is unique.

Suitable with: All brands that specialize in eCommerce.

2) Lifestyle photos


This style of photos features your products in a life-like environment to illustrate how they are used and highlight how important they are in your daily life.

They are great photos to use on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Suitable for: jewelry, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, and decorative products

3) Hero photos


These product photography depend on photographing your product in an eye-catching way by giving it a larger size than your product images and leaving a space in it to add textual content about your product.

Suitable for: Website interface and background for your social media profile.

4) 360 photo product

360 photos are among the latest in the world of product photography for e-commerce. With it, you can take pictures of your product from all sides, and your audience can rotate it with your mouse to see your products from different angles.

Suitable for, large products such as furniture, electrical appliances, and clothes of unique fit.

5) GIF or Video

With these tools, you can display your product in action and explain to your audience its purpose quickly.

Suitable for: tools, products that perform an imperceptible function, and unique products.

How to do professional product photography in Qatar ?

If you are on a limited budget and want to photograph your products yourself, you should follow some simple steps to make it easier. These steps help you make sure that your products appear the right way for your brand.

·  Advance planning

set a Visualize the photos you want to capture your products early so you have enough time to prepare. Know very well, when you take more time to think carefully, you will get the easier and less expensive ways to photo-shoot within your budget.

·  Write down your needs, supplies, and people who will help you

By jotting down everything you need in advance, you will be more organized when it comes time to shoot. Write down everything you need, like writing down a shopping list, to know exactly what you own and what you want to buy.

·  Make a list of shots

The Shot List keeps you more organized. It’s also a great way to make sure you get everything you need. For example, your list should include:

  • The name of your product.
  • Suitable shot type.
  • The number of shots required.
  • The number of lighting devices required.
  • The angles from which you will take the shots.
  • Any notes of your own.

· After shooting, make sure the photos look the way you want and keep a copy for yourself

After you shoot your products as you planned in advance, review the photos that you took and make sure they look exactly what you want. After that, keep a backup copy of them before you start using them for reference whenever you want.

· Retouch your photos

Retouching photos is a major step as is product photography in Qatar . Adjust the brightness of your image, put a good background on it, or consider removing dust from the background with custom software like Photoshop.

Resources of product photography in Qatar

  • Taqnia Agency: With our professional photography team, you can photograph your products with the highest quality and unbeatable prices. Connect with us
  • Picx: If you already have pictures of your products but need some help retouching them, consider Picx. By paying a small monthly fee, you can send your photos to them for retouching.
  • Foldio360: It’s a great way to get 360 photos without much effort.
  • GIFBrewery: helps you to get GIF images easily without the need to use Photoshop.

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