The perfect branding trends in 2021

The perfect branding trends in 2021

Branding trends are just like the brand itself, they need to be developed and updated from time to time. This is necessary for the brand to maintain its position in the market and keep pace with the developments of the times.

So, in this article, we will list the best effective branding trends in 2021. Let’s get started,,,

The perfect branding trends in 2021

1. Use whimsical art

This trend is ideal for brands targeting a younger audience. This trend gives you premium textures for your brand. Using it you will produce unique images. If you want your audience to remember your brand quickly, consider funny or quirky photos.

In this type of branding trend, hand-drawn illustrations and anthropomorphic animals are popular choices.

2. Name logo mixed with a face

Recently, people prefer to see pictures of brands mixed with a face, be it a caricature face or a person’s face. The faces humanize the brand well. There are a lot of brands that are using this type of trend in 2021.

Most of the time, brands that embrace these trends use illustrations of a real person. KFC is a great example of this type.

3. Branding trends with expanding  your brand color palette

Traditional brands say that the more simple and harmonious the brand’s color schemes are with each other, the more consumers will be attracted. They rely on that consumers associate your brand with its primary colors. This seems correct, however, it restricts your branding a lot.

Expressing your brand with more intricate colors or multiple colors (one for each product) is a good thing. So it is best to expand your brand color palette to include unconventional colors that make your customers distinguish your product from color only.

4. Adopt an attitude

In fact, many bad things are happening around the world. In smaller markets, consumers expect their preferred brand to adopt their attitudes towards these matters. For this reason, this trend is one of the most prominent branding marketing trends of 2021.

 With it, you can adopt a position on an important issue (ideally the same attitude as your target audience). Then, try to show your position through your branding materials and discuss it on your social media pages.

5. Branding trends with using  unique geometric patterns

One of the branding trends in 2021. Geometric patterns give you an innovative and trendy lookو but put it in the right place. Geometric patterns do not replace the main logos or images of your brand, but they become a good choice when used in your ads or as a background for your website, or on a shirt or hat as a form of advertisement for your brand.

6. Take your audience on an unexpected journey

Although your branding should include your logo, product, and website, it is not limited to these matters only.  trends & brands should contain all of this and more. Besides getting them the well-designed product, your audience expects you to take them on an unexpected journey that wows them.

Due to the high rates of online buying, designers and brand owners in 2021 are turning to think outside the box. Take your audience on a unique photographic journey with reusable pink pouches and stickers that delights them and makes them always remember you.

7. Make it rough and imperfect

Some audiences prefer patchy designs with roughness around the edges. Designs that are asymmetric or contain images that are inconsistent with one another or even that contain lines that are continuous but not completely connected are attractive to them.

This type of branding trends works well for younger audiences and funky audiences. Beware, this trend doesn’t work with all brands. But it looks great for brands targeting unconventional markets.

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