World cup Qatar marketing

World cup Qatar marketing

We began counting down the days until the world’s largest and most anticipated event. The host country is different this time, with all eyes on the Middle East, in particular, Qatar. Is your company ready to apply the world cup Qatar marketing strategy?


The awaited World Cup Qatar 2022 will begin on November 21st, in winter for the first time to avoid the busy summer season in Middle Eastern countries.

Back in time, the number of viewers of the 2018 World Cup reached 3.5 billion, which is half of all humans on the planet, with 1.1 billion for the final match!

Isn’t it fantastic to be so close to the event this year?


FIFA World Cup 2022 facts!

It’s the first time for this huge event to occur in an Arab country, and the second time in Asia, in the last World Cup the advertising market spent 2.4 million $ where the ⅔ of the market value spent in Europe.

It’s a huge competition, and you should think about a unique way to win with us!


How to get ready for the World Cup Qatar marketing strategy 2022?

Preparing for this Event requires the following steps:

  1. Starting with the company that needs to develop a unique marketing strategy and implement it.
  2. Moving on to the strategy’s targeted audience and goals.
  3. Creating a comprehensive study for the Qatari market and understanding how to capitalize on opportunities.
  4. Choose the right platforms, for example, the interest in FIFA World Cup on YouTube continues to grow, based on the researches, the interest this year is exceeding the previous FIFA World Cup by 80%!


Preparing for the World Cup 2022 with the right marketing strategy will require focusing on several points!


World Cup Qatar marketing strategy:

  1. Online experience

The World Cup is taking place offline, but more fans will try to watch it online than ever before!

Previously, the event had 3 million attendees, but there were 3 billion Google searches and 5 billion YouTube views of related content!

So don’t overlook this significant platform of your online marketing opportunities! 

Contact the clients while they are looking, and the best way to do so is to use broad-match keywords that target your clients.


2. Content Variety

Don’t miss out on creating diversified content, ads, and designs, to get the visitor’s attention to your content all over the platforms.

Content variety in the World Cup marketing strategy depends on the type of services.


World Cup Qatar marketing strategy 2022 with Taqnia

Your goal is to penetrate the market of the World Cup Qatar 2022, and ours is to set the marketing strategy that assist you in reaching your goals and growing your business.


Our marketing services during the World Cup are different, which is provided depending on the goals of our clients and the diverse backgrounds of the World Cup visitors, here we can list our services where you can pick the suitable one from:


Put your business on Google Maps

As a new visitor or a tourist, are you looking for a new place to eat, have coffee, or buy new items? What would you do? You google it? or even google map it, correct? Then the best way is to make your business feasible, good rated and moreover, promote it with paid ads to be on top of the list.

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Social media Ads with the feel of the World Cup

Social media designs or banners or even brochures. Of course, there are some products or services that can be promoted.

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Photography for your best products

Are your products well shown in a beautiful creative photography theme? We could even present it in a style of a team watching the match and enjoying your product.

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World cup theme packaging design

Print new packaging with the theme of the biggest event in Qatar and the world. Let your customers take a creative photo of your packaging and fill social media with your designs. Bags or food boxes or even coffee cups, the ideas are unlimited.

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Booth and kiosk design

Make a new design for your small catering booth or even your big food truck. There must be something showing you that you are a sports fan, yes?

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New menu

Are you a restaurant owner? Did you make new dishes for the biggest event in the world? Or maybe changed some dishes’ names to match the event? If not, we believe you should. Update your digital menu now with the new dishes and dishes’ names. Or print new paper menus with the new updates.

By the way, we make digital menus as well. Know more here: Digital Menu


World Cup Qatar marketing strategy is the ideal way to position yourself in the competition!

Remember to contact the Taqnia team to determine the best way to implement your World Cup Qatar marketing strategy.