Lifestyle photography in Qatar

Lifestyle photography in Qatar

Lifestyle photography focuses on capturing moments of products or services to showcase them in ordinary life moments.

Lifestyle photography in Qatar, is a session that tells a story in one image or a collection of images to reflect the real feel of your products and or services in collaboration with models or hand modelling.

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Tips for lifestyle photography in Qatar

You couldn’t predict the right moment to shoot, so you should be fully prepared to catch the perfect moment for a professional shot!

And to get the perfect image for lifestyle photography you need to follow some tips:


  1. Choose the right lens

Lifestyle photography has many different needs, The lens you use will always be influenced by the type of shots desired, for lifestyle pictures you need to look for:

  • Standard focal length
  • Mid-wide range zoom lens
  • Zoom lens


2. Burst mode

Burst mode is also called continuous shooting mode, sports mode, or continuous high-speed mode

Timing is the key when you don’t want to miss any activities (in motion) or (taking place)


3. Connect with your model

It’s always better to connect with the models and make them feel comfortable and spontaneous, as it will result in shots that describe the moment beautifully and true to life.

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4. Don’t use flash!

Natural light is the best for lifestyle photography, also avoid midday sun in outdoor sessions, it will cast extremely ill-fitting shadows, try using window light in indoor sessions.


5. Choose the perfect location

The set-up for a lifestyle photography session is heavily influenced by the location, and many families prefer to do it at home.

But don’t count the outdoor locations out as it gives you a great chance to take more dynamic photos.


6.  Follow your instinct

because it is intended to capture real emotions and interactions rather than fake moments, the secret of lifestyle photography is to keep your camera ready all the time, even during breaks!


7. Suggest activities

Instead of attempting to control every position, propose activities or interactions.

Ask them to read a story, arrange some fruits, and so on.


8. Understand your client’s interests

This meeting should give you more details about how to participate and it is this session for special occasions, if there is a location they prefer.


9. Adding props

Using some family props could break the ice and have natural photos.

Suggest everyday life activities to make them focus on the activities.


10. Don’t miss the details 

Don’t miss the details while you are capturing the action, it’s important to pay attention to the environment.

Shooting indoor as in family home different than Shooting outdoor.

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11. Emotion is your target

Lifestyle photography shoots focus on emotions and this is so difficult to capture.

Clients must feel comfortable first to act more natural while capturing.


12. Colour palette

Don’t pass the harmony you should create in your photos, using the colour pallet.


Lifestyle photography in Qatar is different from other commercial types of photography, as it has unique impressions, locations, and targets.

 That’s why at Taqnia we aim to have the best shot, With a professional team that is capable of capturing the essence of the shot to showcase a moment in life that tells a story.


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