Instagram reels photography

Instagram reels photography

Instagram Reels photography is the quickest and most efficient way to reach your customers, gain more followers, and prepare your account. For the step involving the sponsor.


Being present on all platforms is essential, but being present in a smart form that meets your customers’ needs is even more important.


Instagram is one of the most popular platforms in Qatar, so don’t pass up the opportunity to grow your business faster.

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What Instagram Reels?

First and foremost, you should understand how reels can be a magical stick in your business. It is the most viral and faster way to expand and spread your content, reach new followers, and gain their engagement.

The video is only 15 seconds long. However, this year reels are longer and can reach up to 30, 60, and 90 seconds.


That allows the creators and businesses to take the advantage of reels being longer to say more and be more creative.

Users prefer reel with trending sounds because it provides both information and entertainment to the viewers.

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Tips for making viral Reels as a business

Understand the algorithms

This is the first step in creating a viral reel on Instagram; choose a trending sound and write the correct hashtags (you can use flick to find the correct ones), this is how you can catch the algorithm’s attention to gain more followers.


Don’t miss trending audio

While scrolling through Instagram reels, you will notice some trending sounds, so don’t forget to use them, as this will cause your reel to go viral. Also, you can use your mobile note to write the name of the most popular sound, which you can identify by the arrow before the name of the sound.

As well, don’t miss out on the opportunity to write them all to use later.


Keep posting, be patient.

The key is to post on a regular basis!

The most effective tips to improve your Instagram performance are with the use of stories, feeds, and reels.

Instagram’s algorithm always prioritizes new posts, so keep posting to keep your reels in the first line all the time; fresh reels are the key!

Also, the more you post, the better you’ll understand your target audience’s preferences and when they scroll, this will help you plan for the next step.

Avoid excessive ads content by including some entertainment!

You may want to sell and gain more customers, but keep in mind that Instagram users are looking for entertainment content to help them unwind.

You should concentrate on creating content, particularly trending sounds of the reel, in order to inform, delight, and entertain the users to keep them around all the time.

don’t forget Instagram reels photography needs lots of creativity.

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Some cooperation through collab

Last year, a feature called collabs was added, which allows you to share credit with another creator, such as influencers or brand partners to allow them to share the reel on their pages.

This feature will assist your company in expanding and gaining, reaching new followers, as well as having their engagement.


How to use collabs:

  1. Before you publish your ready reel, select tag people.
  2. Select invite collaborator.
  3. Tap on the user who you mention in your video.


Wait till the user accepts your collab invitation, then the reel will appear in their account.


Scheduling your ready reels is a very important tip, to never miss the continuous posting that we mentioned before.

You can use many automation tools for this job such as Hootsuite, buffer, business suit.


Instagram reels photography is one of our Taqnia marketing techniques, and we offer this photography service to help you grow your business wide and fast.


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