Stop Motion Photography in Qatar

Stop Motion Photography in Qatar

It’s not just a group of photos, stop motion photography in Qatar is used to convey a narrative to audiences, it focuses on slight objective movement captured frame by frame, it is a new and innovative way to introduce your company.


What is Stop Motion Photography?

Stop motion is an animation technique where you photograph static objects in a frame and move them around in small steps while photographing each individual frame at a time.

When these single frames are combined, they display a unique style of playback that illustrates the appearance of motion.

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What Tools Do You Need to Make Stop Motion Animation?

Stop motion photography needs some tools to get the final results, or you could contact Taqnia team to create a unique stop motion photography session.


The most professional digital camera (DSLR) will result in perfect slow motion photography, which we are interested in at Taqnia.

2. Tripod:

Keep your camera steady while taking the pictures.

3. Editing program:

After you finish shooting, you should edit the frames together to create an animation.

4. Materials:

Materials required for the photo can be obtained from a variety of local sources.


How to make Stop Motion Photography?

You can try these steps to make your own stop motion photography or contact our team to get professional results.

How to make Stop Motion Photography?

You can try these steps to make your own stop motion photography or contact our team to get professional results.

1. Discover your setting:

Decide where you want your camera to go, then make sure the setting fills your frame. To maintain consistency, you should only capture what is within the set parameters of your frame. Keep the lens focused on the frame and avoid allowing the outside edges to enter your shot.

2. Control the lighting:

 Keep your filming location away from natural light, as the sun will cast shadows on your video. To maintain consistency, it is best to film indoors and away from any windows or uncontrollable light sources.

3. Maintain a steady rhythm:

 The camera must not move once it has been set. Set up a timer or a way to wirelessly trigger the shutter to save time.

4. To determine your frame rate:

read this point below for more details (Calculating the Frames Needed for the Final Movie).

5. Move in small steps:

 Move your objects or materials in small, consistent intervals if you want to create smooth motion. 

Making large movements from frame to frame causes objects to appear to move faster during playback.

6. Import your images into a stop motion software or app:

 Add sound effects or music to your stop motion animation using the software.


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Stop Motion Tips

  1. Set up the camera on a tripod, so it doesn’t move during the shooting process.
  2. Set the exposure and focus manually if you don’t want them to change.
  3. Use consistent, controlled lighting. You wouldn’t want to use daylight because the light’s angle changes while you’re shooting.
  4. Use the remote while shooting, to ensure the camera doesn’t move when you press the shutter button.

Calculating the Frames Needed for the Final Movie

Before you begin shooting, you’ll need to do some math to evaluate the timing of your stop motion moves.

If the final film is played back at 24 frames per second, each 24 images shot equals one second of film. So, if you want your short film to last 3 seconds, you’ll need 72 individual images and 72 movements of the subjects to finish the action.

Begin in the first position, shoot a frame, move the subject(s) you’ve decided to be moved, shoot another frame, move the subject(s) again, and so on until all 72 frames have been shot.


Finally, stop motion photography in Qatar is a new and innovative way to introduce your company.

Don’t hesitate to contact Taqnia team to book your creative session to grow your business and reach new customers.


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