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Explore the 6 best eco friendly brands and how their preserve the planet

Explore the 6 best eco friendly brands and how their preserve the planet

Explore the 6 best eco friendly brands and how their preserve the planet

Interest in creating the concept of eco friendly brands started in the 1990s thanks to advertising campaigns calling for “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. With the global climate already changing and bad environmental interactions taking place. there is an urgent need to raise awareness of the importance of creating green companies.

 Indeed, many environmentally friendly companies have emerged that have devoted all means to benefit from them without harming our planet. And that is through less plastic use, reliance on recyclable materials. plus, production of organic food, sustainable products, and other healthy methods.

In this article, we will learn about examples of these companies and their experiment in making profits without disturbing the environmental balance. Let us start,,,

The 5 best eco friendly brands

1. Patagonia (activewear brand)

Patagonia is one of the world’s most popular and successful retail activewear brands. It provides all the sports related-products such as ski equipment and sleeping bags preferred by adventurers.

Because its clients often understand the importance of preserving the environment. this company’s 100% goal is to focus on the environment and preserving the planet. It has done well to improve its products by reducing their carbon emissions and extending their life.

In 2016, Patagonia decided to donate $ 10 million in Black Friday profits to conservation groups.

How gas Patagonia branding itself as one of the eco friendly brands ?

Patagonia leveraged its branding to ensure it was a green company. Its strong green design and mid-sentence “100% for the planet” sends a message to its target audience that it is strictly committed to preserving wildlife.

2.  Beyond Meat

The meat industry is one of the biggest drivers of climate change afflicting the planet. Meat production has serious negative effects on the environment around us.

So, Beyond Meat company thought out of the box to produce meat without harming our planet. It produces delicious products like burgers from plants that are healthier for humans and the planet alike.

Beyond Meat has products that taste as good as products made with meat.

How has Beyond Meat branding itself as one of the eco friendly brands ?

All of Beyond Meat’s advertising media focuses on the benefits it provides to consumers and nature alike. It emphasizes its gorgeous designs with delicious product images on its clever philosophy. this philosophy says how its products contribute to saving the planet and consumers’ bodies alike.

3. Green Toys

Eco-friendly toys are one of the best products to help keep your child’s environment healthy. Green Toys also allows your baby to live in a healthy environment that helps him develop properly. In addition to its contribution to preserving the natural environment.

Green Toys are made from 100% recycled materials like plastic milk bottles. These toys are also printed with soy ink. Eco-friendly toy materials save energy and reduce carbon emissions and global warming.

How has Green Toys branded itself as one of the eco friendly brands ?

From its name, green toys use green color in their designs a lot. Their website also focuses on displaying satirical pictures of children enjoying life in a healthy and clean environment. The Green Toys brand focuses on increasing parents’ awareness of sustainability. it does that by offering safe products and marketing them in a way that enhances an individual’s desire to conserve the environment.

4. Wipro EcoEnergy

It’s another type of eco friendly brands. It’s not providing environmentally friendly products to the audience, but it is catering to green companies. Wipro EcoEnergy helps companies reduce carbon emissions which from manufacturing. It also helps them reduce energy use which saves them a lot of money.

Wipro EcoEnergy provides companies with several smart, enterprise-wide energy and efficiency management solutions. Their energy-wasting services saved more than 1.5 billion kilowatt-hours.

How has Wipro EcoEnergy branding itself as one of the eco friendly brands ?

As a consulting firm, Wipro prefers to be in the background to allow its clients to talk about their services and products. It used this philosophy well in her designs. Its website is characterized by simplicity and ease, it also shows its customers the good environmental impact of their services and puts it first.


PELA has a great philosophy of “A Waste-Free Future”. It says that technology exists to create products, not to wastes. It just takes a suitable company and a suitable community to make products environmentally friendly and fashionable both.

PELA offers products such as plastic phone cases, smartwatch straps, sunglasses cases, and other products. Its products are 100% biodegradable, and free of lead, phthalates, cadmium, and BPA.

How has PELA branding itself as one of the eco friendly brands ?

In its designs, PELA makes an indication of the necessity to enjoy a modern, eco-friendly lifestyle.

6. Native Shoes

There are 300 million pairs of shoes thrown in the garbage every year. Because shoes are made of materials that can’t be recycled, they are not completely environmentally friendly. but it is very harmful to nature. Therefore, Native Shoes thought about manufacturing shoes with a different philosophy that helps protect the environment.

Native manufacture shoes with botanical materials and advanced manufacturing technologies to reduce its carbon footprint and waste. The company produces shoes that are 100% biodegradable. These shoes are made from natural materials. so, that can be converted as fertilizer for farmland after use. instead of being thrown into the garbage.

How have Native Shoes branded itself as one of the eco friendly brands ?

Their brand designs are characterized by simplicity and light colors that evoke love for nature. These designs are the result of their philosophy of loving nature, for the sake of nature. Plus, their beliefs that one should enjoy a happy and enjoyable life free from the worries and problems caused by environmentally unfriendly products.

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