Pantone 2021 (Ultimate Gray & shining colors)

Pantone 2021 (Ultimate Gray & shining colors)

In 2021, Pantone seeks to increase the sense of the beauty of nature, so they announced a duo of Pantone 2021 colors. This duo of colors is based on charming nature. They are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray (like the color of concrete), and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating (like the yellow color of the sunset).

After the boisterous atmosphere that we saw from Pantone colors for 2020. It was expected that the colors of this year will be calmer, tending to the classic blue. However, we were surprised by the dazzling mix of yellow and gray. This duo symbolizes three traits.

 Features of choosing pantone 2021 (Gray & shining colors)

Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone CEO, said about choosing these colors “this combination of colors gives us hope and resilience. It symbolizes solid and Practical along with optimism and warmth.”

1. The warm resilience feeling

The concrete gray symbolizes solidity and strength, while the luminous yellow color symbolizes hope and optimism. Combine these two colors together, and you’ll feel the warm resilience that pantone colors aim for.

2. Pantone 2021 refers to world events

Pantone’s colors 2021 symbolize the events the world is experiencing this year. The gray color symbolizes the COVID-19 crisis and the ongoing efforts to keep citizens at home. While yellow indicates the hope and optimism associated with recent announcements about the availability of several vaccines against it, which will be distributed during the coming period.

3. Starting over

pantone 2021 seems to send us a message asking us to try to overcome the disasters we are currently facing such as climate change and others and start over. Plus, Lasting faith in hope and the ability to achieve this.

Pantone Colors 2021 express the human feeling mixed with painful positivity coupled with intense awe.

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